Roseli Jacobs

I'm a Dallas-based data engineer who loves helping companies tap the potential of their data.

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My skills

A track record of managing data at scale, optimizing data infrastructure, and leveraging various technologies and tools to design and implement efficient data processing pipelines.

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Cloud Platforms and Services
4 years
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Big Data Technologies
3 years
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Programming and Scripting
6 years
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Database Systems and SQL
10 years
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Data Warehousing and ETL
6 years

My results

I've consistently delivered exceptional results, with a history of significant improvements in data processing time, data quality, and overall system efficiency.


My perspective

With a keen focus on emerging trends and best practices in the field, my articles explore the intricacies of building data lakes and implementing effective data governance strategies, to delving into real-time stream processing using cutting-edge technologies like Apache Kafka and Flink.


My story

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San Antonio, Tx
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Jesse P

"I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa as a senior data engineer. Her proficiency in big data technologies, programming, and SQL is outstanding. She has a keen eye for optimizing data pipelines and her contributions have significantly improved our data processing capabilities."

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Viral T

I highly endorse Melissa as a senior data engineer. Her deep expertise in data warehousing, ETL, and cloud platforms is exceptional. She consistently delivers scalable and efficient data solutions, making her an invaluable asset to any team.